How to Be a Good Bed and Breakfast Host

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Bed and breakfast is a growing industry and a lot of people are considering starting the business. If you are an aspirant bed and breakfast entrepreneur, then there are a few tips for you to help growing your business—

  1. Your guests shouldn’t feel awkward around your environment. Keep them informed about your eatery service. Put a flyer and let them know where they can order a pizza when they want. Let them know where they can eat their dinner.
  2. Your guests should be able to know where they can ask for anything extra whenever requires. Like extra pillows or more towels or may be shampoo.
  3. If you have a special hobby or interest, such as quilt making, invite your guests to watch you if they wish.
  4. If your inn is based on any kind of theme, then keep a scrapbook based on your theme. Like for example if it tells about any kind of history, make a scrapbook about the history your inn is based on. Place it in the public area or in the living room. Anywhere.
  5. Talk to your guest about you locality. Let them know what interesting places they can visit. Tell them about places which are not mentioned in the travel guide; the underrated yet the beautiful locations. If they are interested to know, then tell them about any folklore based on your area.
  6. Make sure you take care of your guests’ privacy and security. Respect their decisions and give them space. Also, be available for those who want to talk to you in person.
  7. Let yourself be a friend to your guests. If they want to know about you, tell them about you; tell them what makes you such a lovely person who offers bed and breakfast. You are an incredible and unique human being; cherish it.

These are a few tips to make your bed and breakfast inn a unique one.