Zyppah Solved My Snoring Issue

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I found out about Zyppah review through my friend in the office. She saw me searching for anti-snoring devices while I was on break and she couldn’t help but share how this product has changed their lives. She told me that her husband is using it and it has worked wonders in stopping him from snoring. She advised me to buy it because she is sure that it will work perfect for my husband, too.

I did not know if I was going to laugh or just be quiet about it because the device was actually for me. I have a snoring problem since I was a teen and it took me so long to take it seriously. My parents already had me checked, and I am lucky not to have sleep apnea.

I tried to use special pillows and chin straps to help prevent my snoring. It worked for a while, but once it gets off while I am sleeping, the snoring is back in business.

My husband never complained about my snoring. But sometimes, I will be woken up by my husband’s whining while sleeping. He would turn his back on me and cover his face with pillows. I was so embarrassed that time, I even cried.

Then in the morning, he will look haggard. He is also spaced out due to the poor quality of sleep. My husband never talked to me about my snoring issue, but I know that it is causing him distress already. It is the main reason why I was resolved to find the right solution this time.

I ordered Zyppah when I got home, and I received it a couple of days after. I was hoping so hard that this product will work. I showed it to my husband, and he thought that it was for him. I let him know that it was for me because I know how many sleepless nights I caused him due to my snoring problem. My husband told me that he did not mind my snoring, but he welcomes the idea of snore less nights with me.

That night, I was anxious and excited at the same time. I just want to get this snoring problem out of our lives. I couldn’t sleep because I was not used to the device in my mouth yet, but I eventually fell asleep.

The next morning, I saw my husband refreshed and cheerful. He told me that he woke up at 4 AM and noticed that my snore sounded like a little buzz already. It was a major improvement although I suffered a sore jaw for a few weeks after wearing the device.

I am very satisfied with Zyppah and happy that the feeling of soreness is no las bothersome as before. I no longer break my beauty rest from my husband’s tossing and turning in bed. Our quality of sleep has considerably improved. Thanks, Zyppah!